(Fees As Of: 05/01/2014)

Puppies and Young Adults (under 1 year) - $365***
Includes the following:
·     All age appropriate vaccinations and deworming
·     24PetWatch Microchip ID
·     30 days of free pet insurance
·     Friends of Animals spay/neuter certificate (available for purchase)

Dogs - Includes the following:
·     All age appropriate vaccinations and deworming
·     Rabies vaccination
·     Heartworm test
·     24PetWatch Microchip ID
·     30 days of free pet insurance

***There is an additional $50 spay/neuter deposit on unaltered pets which is refunded when your pet is altered by 6 months of age or as directed. ***There is an additional $100 spay/neuter fee on all altered puppies and dogs

Cats: Unaltered- 
includes age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings,*

Cats: Altered -
$75. Includes age appropriate vaccinations, dewormings, Feline AIDS/Leukemia test.

Spaying/Neutering: If the pet is too young to be spayed or neutered when you adopt it, YOU will be responsible for this by the adoption contract you sign. In these cases, a portion of the adoption fee ($50 for dogs) will be refunded to you when you provide proof that the pet was altered. Purrs N' Pups participates in a special state spay/neuter program, where you can have your pet altered at a special discounted rate! Please see our helpful links page, for a link to a list of participating vets in the area. 
Low cost spay neuter clinic

*Certificates can be purchased from friendsofanimals.org. Female dog $90. Male dog $64. They covers the cost of a routine spay/neuter procedure including a cursory (not full) surgical pre-exam, anesthesia, surgical procedure, waste disposal, day of surgery post-operative care and pain-relief, hospitalization as required, and stitch removal if necessary.


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