P-U-R-R-S ...N' Pups FOSTER Application

Thank you for interest in rescuing an animal and for taking the time to complete this application. We appreciate your honesty in answering all of the following questions. Incomplete applications can not be considered. Review of the information you provide will assist us in matching the appropriate foster animal to your lifestyle. Our main concern is the future health and well being of all the animals in our care.

Full Name  
Email Address  
Street Address  
City   State Zip
 Home Phone   Cell Phone


What type of pet are you able to foster?  (dog, cat, puppy, kitten)
Do you have any size restrictions on your foster pet? Yes No
Are you interested in adopting? (yes, in future / no, just interested in fostering) Yes No
We often rescue litters of puppies/kittens and we prefer to send them to foster homes in pairs or groups for socialization purposes.  Would you be willing to foster more than one puppy or kitten? Yes No
If yes how many puppies or kittens would you be willing to foster at a time?
Would you be interested in fostering a pregnant dog? Yes No
Would you be interested in fostering a pregnant cat? Yes No
Would you be interested in fostering a nursing mother dog? Yes No
Would you be interested in fostering a nursing cat? Yes No
Are you interested in fostering a special needs pet? ie: recovering from surgery, bottle feeding, etc. Yes No
How long will the foster animal be left alone each day?
When are you available to start fostering?
Are you able to drive the pet to Pompton Lakes Animal Hospital, if your foster animal becomes sick and a director approves a vet visit? Yes No
Are you able to drive your foster pet to our weekend adoption events in Rockaway, NJ? Yes No

How many adults live in household?    How many children live in household? 

Ages of all children (including young adults) living at household? 

Do all members of your household want help foster this pet? Yes No

Do any family members have allergies?  Yes No   If yes, please explain:

Who will be primarily responsible for the foster animal?

I live in a Ownor Rent If renting, landlord's name: 

Landlord's phone number:  May we contact? Yes No

Do you have a fence? Yes No If yes, how high?   Type:

What previous experience do you/your family have with animals?

What breeds are you familiar with?
What pets do you own now?  
Pet #1  
Pet #2  
Pet #3  
Pet #4  
Additional Pet Information  

Pet #1 - spayed or neutered?

Yes No
Pet #2 - spayed or neutered? Yes No
Pet #3 - spayed or neutered? Yes No
Pet #4 - spayed or neutered? Yes No

Are all vaccinations up-to-date with all of their shots? Yes No (Please list information below)

    Distemper/Date Expiration of Rabies Bordatella/Date
Pet #1  
Pet #2  
Pet #3  
Pet #4  
Name and telephone of your veterinarian (REQUIRED):

I agree to foster, with love and affection as if it were my own. I will constantly treat it in a humane way, providing fresh water, food and a clean place to rest daily.

Yes No

I understand that this pet is solely Owned by P-U-R-R-S…N’ Pups Animal Rescue Team, and that I may not place or adopt this pet to anyone. This pet must remain in my care throughout the fostering experience unless approved by a PNP director.

Yes No

I am not qualified to approve anyone for adoption of the pet(s) I foster but will refer them to a PNP representative, where they can be sent an adoption application and the process can begin.

Yes No

I agree that by taking this pet into my home, I take ALL responsibility to ANY damages the pet may cause to my house, yard and/or any other pet. (I am fully responsible for any of my pet’s medical bills, my furniture repairs, etc.)

Yes No
I agree to notify a PNP representative in any event I can no longer foster with giving a minimum of a weeks notice. I will hold onto this pet for the week during that time, to allow an ample amount of time to find another possible foster home. Yes No
I agree to notify a PNP representative Immediately if the animal becomes sick, or encounters any harm; in order to get the animal the proper care needed. I will NOT bring this animal to a vet unless permitted by a PNP director. If I do, I am responsible to cover that vet bill. Yes No
I agree to return any borrowed materials including crates, bowls, leashes, collars, toys and all unused wet/dry food and medication provided by PNP. Yes No
I understand that I am required to foster a minimum of three times prior to being considered for adoption. If I am interested in finalizing an adoption with one of my foster animals I will apply to adopt the animal and go through the approval process as any adopter would Yes No

Please provide two personal references who can recommend you as a responsible pet owner and a safe foster home:

Name and Telephone Relationship

Name and Telephone Relationship


Please add any additional information that you think we should know about:


Applicant Agreement:

I confirm agreement with all of the following statements:

I agree not to hold this rescue agency or any of its affiliates liable for damage or injury that this pet could cause.

I agree that if for any reason this fostering experience does not work out, I will contact this rescue agency to return this pet.

I understand that most pets that are rescued from shelters have issues that need to be worked through as part of their adjustment into my home. Most of them aren't fully housebroken. Some of them are shy/afraid of people. Some have other issues. If you are not willing to work through whatever issues your foster pet has, please don't submit this application.

By submitting this application to P-U-R-R-S and Pups Animal Rescue Team, I certify that all questions have been answered honestly and accurately and I authorize you to contact anyone listed on this application.

Before submitting this application, please take a moment to be sure that all information is complete and accurate.